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National Energy's team of energy experts are made up of utility auditors who study energy tariffs and rate schedules in 48 states! Our team stands behind our work and all of our clients are backed by the auditing team at National Utilities Refund LLC, who has a combined 60+ years of industry experience auditing electric and natural gas invoices.  Know you're in good hands, feel confident about your rate, and have the piece of mind knowing that we are making sure your energy rates are accurate.
Energy deregulation can be confusing, but at National Energy our analysts and auditors have your back at all times.  Our goal is provide you with the lowest rate in the market by pulling rates from over 10 different suppliers.  We'll also verify your invoices to make sure the supplier's contracted rate matches the rates you are being billed. 
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Grocery Stores Electric Suppliers
Hospital Electric Suppliers
Nursing Facility Electric Suppliers
Cold Storage Electric Suppliers
Manufacturing Electric Suppliers 
Education Electric Suppliers
Government Electric Suppliers

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National Energy was formed to eliminate customer uncertainty about switching energy. We are one of the Nation's first to deliver a simple way for customers to review, compare, and switch their electric and natural gas providers online. We provide easy to read rate comparisons from the industry's top energy suppliers so you can make an informed decision.
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       -Each suppliers agreement is             audited  for accuracy before presented to the customer!
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       -Each rate, account, and meter number goes through two verfication processes to assure accuracy!
Rate Assurance Guarantee!
       -If any billing or rate discrepancies occur at all, we will have the supplier refund and correct the error free of charge!
All Commercial Organizations!  

Any Deregulated State!

 "My previous energy broker did not properly transfer over our tax exemption information resulting in thousands of dollars in overcharges. Now, we only use National Energy because their industry experts prepare and file our exemptions for us. Knowing that if the supplier makes any mistakes, National Energy will have them corrected and credited  for free, is the assurance we needed!"

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If your bill does not match what is on your agreements, we will have the supplier refund and credit the account, for free, Guaranteed!  All of our clients are backed by the National Utilities Refund!

We Protect Our Clients with a Guarantee!